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Volume 1 Editorial Note (July 2020)

Cover & Note from the chair, editorial board.

Author: Chair, editorial board.
Available online: June 21, 2020

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Abstract: We are pleased to present our readers the very first issue of the American Journal of Environmental Biology (AJEB) – a peer-reviewed open access international journal under the aegis of Academic Block, USA. All the articles in this issue represent the latest relevant information aligned with the scope of this journal. Complete access to all the journal articles is available to the entire scientific community throughout the world without any fee as the AJEB aims to facilitate the widest dissemination of scientific findings. As environmental biology is both multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary, AJEB integrates biology, ecology, toxicology, chemistry, biotechnology, bioengineering, health, management, and many other disciplines across the broad field of Environmental Biology. The journal wishes to serve as a high visibility international forum for the scientific research publishing community for all issues within the editorial focus. It hopes to provide a platform, where researchers, teachers, students, and professionals can publish and read novel research with the highest scientific caliber that pushes the boundaries of disciplinary lines. Editorial Board would like to thank our contributors, reviewers, and our IT team for all of their hard work in bringing out the first issue of AJEB. We hope the readers will enjoy learning from this issue, and these articles will offer the rich educational benefit to readers. We are also sending out a call for papers for our next issue, and are eagerly looking forward to receiving original and impactful manuscripts. We are committed to a speedy, rational, and transparent refereeing process for every manuscript submitted to us. At AJEB, we are very excited about the future journey and hope that in the coming years we can showcase the best of the research. We invite all readers to join us.

Surendra Sharma
Chair, Editorial Board

Prof. Surendra Sharma (MD, PhD)
Women and Infant Hospital
Warren Alpert Medical School
Brown University
Providence, RI 02905, USA

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Available online: 21 June 2020

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