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Instructions for Formatting the Manuscript

Authors interested in submitting their manuscripts to the American Journal of Environmental Biology, should adhere to the following minimum requirements related to the formatting their article before submission. Please note that it is not possible for us to do the basic formatting of all the articles that are submitted to us. Manuscripts not adhering to these guidelines will be returned without any review.

Manuscript should be written in English language only.

Length of Manuscript

  • Research articles: 4000-6000 words (20 print pages or less).
  • Review articles: 6000-10000 words (30 print pages or less).
  • Short communication: 1500-3000 words (12 print pages or less)

Regarding File & Format

  • Manuscript should be submitted in either .DOCX or .ODT format.
  • Files should be editable and not password protected.
  • Insert page number (bottom right) and line numbers in manuscript file.
  • Use page numbers and line numbers in continuation.
  • Do not use field functions.
  • Use tabs or other commands for indents, but not the space bar.
  • Tables and figures must not be embedded in the text but should be placed at the end of the manuscript, after the References section.

Font & Font size

  • Should be Times new roman or Calibri, 12 point.


  • Manuscript should be typed in double spacing, leaving wide margins on both the sides.


  • Limit sections and subsections to 3 heading level.


  • Use only internationally acceptable abbreviations.
  • Full form of all abbreviations should be given at their first citation with abbreviations in the bracket e.g. Polychloride biphenyl (PCB).
  • Non-standard abbreviations should be avoided unless they appear at least three times and defined upon first use in the main text.
  • Give a list of non-standard abbreviations at the end, before the Acknowledgments.


  • Equations should be inserted in editable format from the equation editor, and not as a image.


  • Use standard and internationally accepted nomenclature.


  • Use standard symbols of units conforming to the International System of Units (SI).