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Reprint and Permissions

REPRINTS: Our readers or authors can request the reprint of any article published in the American Journal of Environmental Biology. Such requests are generally made for the distribution at academic conferences, trade shows and universities. Reprints are the exact print or e-print replica of the original article with an included cover page. You can request reprints through our contact us page. Please note that depending on the number of the reprints, it may take upto 2 weeks from placing the request to delivering the material. Fees associated with the reprints depends on the quantity and dimensions of the reprint. However AJEB have a waiver policy towards the authors from developing countries for the limited reprint requests.

TRANSLATED REPRINTS: Currently we are providing services in English only. However our future plans also includes German and French languages. Our translation service for these two languages will be available shortly.

PERMISSIONS: Requests related to re-use of the abstract, figures or the complete published article to be used in presentations, news articles, online display, teaching material, etc. are allowed within the framework of the journal’s policy. Most of such requests are approved free of cost for any non-commercial activity. However explicit permission from this journal is required, and no changes can be made to the author’s credits. Please note that all permissions have associated time limit.

DISTRIBUTION LICENSE USED BY AJEB: We allow the distribution of our articles in accordance with a Creative Commons license [CC BY-NC-ND, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs].