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This archival page serves all the articles ever published by american journal of environmental biology through open access mechanism. Readers can download these peer reviewed articles free of any charge from anywhere. This journal (AJEB) and its publishers remains neutral with regard to any claims in published maps, institutional affiliations, opinion’s or otherwise. Information presented in the article is the sole responsibility of its authors. Use of these articles are subjected to the terms and conditions of this website.

Current Issue (July, 2020)

1.  Cover & Note from the publishing team.

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2. Influence of important environmental parameters on the spread and severity of COVID-19.

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3. Ecotoxic effects of Hexavalent Chromium on    biochemical parameters of Lemna minor and its bioaccumulation by Lemna minor.

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4. Phytoremediation technology for removal of heavy metals: A brief review.

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5. Profile of parameters affecting adsorption of    Hexavalent Chromium on low-cost adsorbent- The raw baggase.

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6.  Bioplastics: requirement for sustainability.

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